Monday, 27 November 2017

English Men-At-Arms 13th-14th Century - Strelets (conversions)

The OOB set has 12 poses to which I´d added two conversions already, as can be seen HERE
Back then I reckoned at least another 4  conversions were here they are.
Left.The obvious and not much of an conversion, swopping the flag for a spear.
Right. Adding a halberd from the MiniArt French Knights with Assault Ladders set to the trumpeter was a bit more complicated.
Left. As the pole of the halbard is quite thin the head breaks off easily which means either replacing it or converting  the bod into another as a staff slinger.
Right. Spear removed and replaced with an axe,  heater type shield added


  1. I love your conversions, always happy to see what your doing out of the ordinary bods.

  2. I love modding :)

    Nice and effective, Paul

  3. Amazing minis! Can't wait for more medieval stuff

  4. klasse paul
    ich mag ihre malerei
    immer top farben