Sunday, 3 December 2017

Bodstonian Dragoons (Pt 2)

A couple more finished.  Unfortunately The set has few nag poses, 4 only,  so both riders have the same nag.
As there will only be a few Dragoons, 8 or so,* they don´t Warrant a Standard bearer etc so the Command bods in the set I´ll paint up as Regimental command bods. The wigged bod (described on the boxart as a Major)  as Jeremiah Coleman and the one firing his pistol (described on the boxart as an Ensign) as one of his sons, Rupert.

* If I can get hold of Zvezda´s  Swedish Dragoons of Charles XII I´ll add some more. The nags Seem to have different blankets but the uniforms  look almost identical..or? 


  1. Lovely figures, nice poses and great paint brush!

  2. Really like these Paul, you've brought out the dynamism of the poses.

  3. These are some of your best work yet, and that is saying something!!! Lovely!

  4. Beautifull figures! I love the realistic horses!!

  5. Very nice figures, once more, I really love your painting technique. These Zvezda minis are impossible to find, unfortunately...

    1. Thanks Phil
      For the Zvezda DRAGOONS OF PETER I. THE GREAT look here

  6. sehr gut paul
    das gefällt mir sehr gut

  7. Lovely paint work, especially the horses. Great tones, well done.