Monday, 15 January 2018

Medieval Guards on Duty (2)

Another 4 sets of Valdemar VA127 "Medieval Guards on duty"  for the 1329 dio.
With this lot that makes 47 guards ..(one in the First Batch lost a Hand)
Three got  Pavisen, scratchmade  like in  THIS post.
One set is painted up "Freestyle". The axe and crossbow from the spares box. The sets Come with crossbows, they are ok but a bit small for the bod to lean on one.


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    1. Thanks :-)
      They are roughly 24mm tall. I know that some 25mm fit better alongside 28mm so The only Thing I can say is that they are 1/72nd, they fit alongside all the bods on PSR

  2. The red on white is very striking.

  3. herrliche bemalung der mittelalterlichen figuren sehr gut