Thursday 10 May 2018

John Stewart of Bonkyl

Back to medievals with another stand of archers for Bannockburn..or should it now , seeing  I´m adding named Bods from other battles of the period, be re-labelled,  the Wars of Scottish Independance ?
The Archer bods used come from;
Vikings against Franks
Army of Henry V
Scottish army of Wallace
The named bod from another battle? John Stewart of Bonkyl. He commanded the Scottish Archers at the Battle of Falkirk where he met his end.
He´s been added to the list of Medieval Lords and Ladies, bringing the total of personalities I´ve represented in 1/72nd up to 93.
Bods and nags from;
Scottish army of Wallace (John Stewart)
Army of Henry V   (John´s Nag)
Scottish army of Robert Bruce (Standardbearer)
Mounted Crusaders in Oriental Dress (Standardbearer´s Nag)
In Charge of his archers