Friday 25 May 2018

Medieval "On the March" 1

From Valdemar. "VA188 ON the March "
It says on the link, " 11 marching kniggits".  On the pics of the set there´s ten. I got these ten plus another who isn´t pictured on the Fredericus-rex site and his pose doesn´t actually fit into a set of marching bods, more a fighting pose than marching,  so I´ve left him out.
Mostly, the poses are slightly altered poses from other Valdemar sets, bits of personal baggage added, arms repositioned etc.
Anyway, they aren´t yet  based as a Group as I´m planning on adding another couple of sets.
The Blue/White Coat-of-Arms ? This combination, White on the right, blue on the left turned up on a painting among the federation of Swiss Kantons  at the battle of Marignano but is an unknown flag. A mirror Image of the flag for the Kanton of Lucern?
Also, I´m thinking of adding a red band to the design so if they were based it would be near impossible to do so.
Left Hand top quarter..White /blue shield shaped pattern on a White flag. 


  1. An unusual set of figures, but very nicely painted.

  2. Smashing job Paul, they already look great.

  3. Very nice - as always......

    Your blog was one of the things that inspired and kick-started me back into the hobby a couple of years ago.. My armies are still growing apace, my plastic-mountain risks starting an avalanche, I've begun a blog of my own, and it's (nearly) all your fault... (Well, that's what I tell She Who Must be obeyed.... ;) ) Keep up the good work... :)

    1. Thanks Ian.
      Have you a link to your blog?

    2. Sure.. It's still early days, but link below (current working title "Denyer's Bits & Bods").

      I've been posting on the FB "Solo Wargames with Miniatures" and "Ancient & Medieval Wargamer" groups thus far, but folk kept asking for more, so.....

      1/72 is my favourite scale - but I am nowhere near as good a painter or modeller as yourself so my blog will mainly be about the various methods I use to make solo play more interesting, with examples, thoughts and my general ramblings.. :)

      Thanks for the inspiration....

    3. Hi Ian. I´ve tried every possible way of finding your blog, using the link and every Variation of the address I can think of but no joy:-( You´ve got a google plus thingy (I´ve followed you) but I can´t find the it publicly viewable?
      If you follow mine then I can backtrack to yors.

    4. Hmmm... Strange.. I've followed you on my Google profile in return (but to be frank I keep the profile pretty blank). I can't see a link to the blog on that either.

      It is quite a new blog, so I know the search engines will have problems hunting for it without an address link, but the link should work. My (copy-paste)links from the FB groups do - and folk from those have seen it, so it should be viewable to the public....

      Now that IS weird (am doing this "live")...

      Are you using Firefox? If I paste the link/ address into Google on Firefox it can't find it (though it found the reference to my site in my post above - yours IS a popular site.. :) ). However, if I do the same in Google in Chrome it goes straight to it... I am a bear of little brain re. these things but will poke about to find what is wrong....

    5. Summats odd.I used another browser and found you straight away. Problem, I can´t make a comment as I´m not logged in on Blogger under that browser. Here I´m using Microsoft edge or whatever it´s called...still really odd you don´t Show up when I use it.
      Idea..maybe the new Internet data protection has something to do with it...add a Follower Gadget and I´ll see if that works.
      Also..join the Benno´s Forum (Linked at PSR under Forums) and make a post there with a back link to your blog..mostly the http address of Blogs when posted on Forums gives a direct link with whatever browser.
      The Celts look great btw..excellent landscape.

    6. Sorted. I came up with an idea and it worked :-)

    7. Yay!! Odd situation though..

      Cheers.. Some of my pics are a bit "meh", but then I've never been a dab hand with the camera..

      Re. the landscape; Teddy-bear fur scenery, blogs such as yours and the range of 1/72 bods available nowadays, are what got me back into the game..

      As I said, my blog will mainly be solo wargame method/examples-centric (as this is what folk have been asking me for on FB groups).

  4. Creates a nice sense of movement. 😀