Friday, 10 August 2018

Army of the light, Army of the Dark

After a Marathon of basing  of the wargs and  of the "Knights Errant", both armies on Parade.
Army of the Light
A mix of Adventurers, Elves, Cimmerians, Amazons, Dwarves and "Knights Errant". 
50 mounted, 124 foot

Army of the Dark.
A mix of trolls, Goblins, Hobgoblins, Orcs, Wargs, Undead and Balrogs
30 mounted, 175 foot...including 10 Trolls and 4 Balrogs
The army of the light has brought along it´s magicians and sorcerers............
...but so has the Army of the Dark


  1. Very impressive indeed!
    Hard to believe they're 1/72.
    I had no idea fantasy minis were even available in this scale ...
    Might I ask who makes (or made) them?

    1. Thanks Andrew.
      They are mostly from RedBox´s Light Alliance/dark alliance range ( ) but also Caeser, elves, Dwarves, some of the goblins, skellies and adventurers and a few are conversions from other makes like Airfix/Strelets.
      There´s still a few sets from the alliance range I haven´t painted yet, more cimmerians foot, some Urukhai, both foot and on wargsand there´s a couple more caeser sets I´ve got to get, ratmen etc.
      Most sets are still available..although the undead and adventurers from Caeser are coming hard to find

    2. Thanks for the comprehensive reply, Paul!

      Next stop, Redbox ,)

  2. Wow. Just wow. The mass effect is great!

  3. I find it depressing that your 20mm figures look better than my 28mm figs. Truly impressive work! Congratulations.

  4. Love the insect wing conversions on the Elf magess, and the Pegasus horse! Beautiful work, as always! The green paint scheme for the undead is really a nicely done method. They really evoke the undead army from the LotR movies. Exceptionally well done, Sir! Cheers!

  5. Stunning collection. They look awesome emasse too!.

  6. My word Paul, what a fabulous sight!

  7. These are the shows I like most! Thank you Paul!

  8. Very cool pic. I feel like it needs a climactic soundtrack as the armies come together. 😀
    A nice collection.

  9. Ditto the WOW! Now have an epic battle and post the AAR!

  10. The dark lords are strong here 😈 cracking work as always