Sunday, 10 February 2019

Movement Trays

They aren´t  included in the old Airfix rules but moving 16 Regiments with 10 individual bases @ 2 bods a base per Regiment was time consuming so I had to have some movement trays.
Made using 2mm Wood sheet that came as part of the packaging for a ready built Sideboard. A pain to cut the Frame and glue it to the base so to save my nerves I made 2 a day.
All the Union and confederate Regiments happily based

Remember the new 1/72nd ACW range by

A choice of scales has now been added. The poses can be ordered in 6mm upwards for example HERE


  1. Nice green fruit from your labors.

  2. Your posts always bring back the Joy's of younger years! Long summer days of nothing but war gaming with my eldest brother. Times seemed so much simpler then.

    1. Times were simpler. Ok, in Terms of the Hobby, less choice compared with now but our imaginations filled the gaps. Back then I would have been more than happy with strips of cereal boxes to base the troops, mtrays weren´t even thought of then...not really "old School" but considering the amount of troops..a definate must. Though I suppose I could have just made flat trays without the edging.
      I remember even going down the road (way back as a nipper) of painting up WWII bods in winter gear and playing outside with them in the snow..until my fingers froze :-)

    2. Times definitely were simpler, and yeah the hobby drove a need for conversions. I converted Airfix commandos in to zouaves "badly may I add" the subbuteo pitch doubled up as a battle field and airfix was the mainstay of everything wargame related 🙂

  3. They do the job just like it says on the thin!

  4. Oh, movement trays are such an under-rated sanity saver! Nice to see all the troops lined up there