Sunday, 9 June 2019

Pencil Palisades

Recently, in a effort to create a wooden Palisade fort and after a couple of ideas that didn´t really work, I came up with this method.
Simply cut old pencils to the desired length, re-model the Surface with a pair of pliers,  which works fine on all different types of pencils, round, 6 sided, even 3 sided and stick them together with PVA.
After one attempt with sticking them whilst layed on a flat Surface led to a slightly slanted result I came up with a old Cassette case.
The pliers have serrations which marks  the pencils Surface with a sort of bark type pattern simply by squeezing. Don´t squeeze too hard as some pencils are a bit brittle but don´t be too soft either.

2B or not 2B? That is the question.* No, they can all be used, HB, 2HB, 3B,,,all of em. 
Ok, I´m going to have to aquire a lot of old pencils to create what I have in mind but I discovered the lot above after a quick rummage through cupboards and drawers..
Also,  DIY Shops and a certain Furniture shop whose Name begins with I and ends with A give pencils away for free.
Ok..I´m not going to run off with the whole box on offer but one or two might end up as palisades after a visit. I mean, you put one in your pocket and then Forget which pocket so it´s easier just to take another and then Forget where that one went and so on...or?

*I know, Not that great a gag but it´s bloody hot here :-)

Just heard some very sad News. Leonardo Torricini   (Phersu miniatures) the creator of some exceptional bods and extras has passed away :-(


  1. I was thinking of doing something similar, but with bamboo chopsticks. The asian take out by the office insists on slipping a pair in the bag every lunchtime and I never use them, so I have a truck load of them.

  2. Well that's brilliant, not to put too finer point on it. :)

  3. Cracking job, wonderful idea!

  4. I feel strangely drawn to this idea, Paul.....

  5. Don't forget that school supplies will go on sale in two months, or so... No. 2 Pencils will be close to free!

    I would recommend removing all paint from them, before gluing. Wood Glue (and white PVA) stick much better, much stronger, when it is bare wood, to bare wood. A quick sanding, with 200 grit, should do the trick.

    For smaller scales, requiring thinner tree trunks, buy a pack of bamboo skewers at the supermarket -- typically <$2 for a pack of 100. They are quite long (12"?), so you will likely be able to cut them in half, and double your yield.

    Brilliant idea, Paul. Thank you for sharing. Cheers!

    1. Thanks.
      I´ve a cunning plan to get hold of some more pencils for free :-) If that doesn´t work then I´ll have to get hold of some cheap ones. Still, until then I´ve got a bit of work to do on the Buildings for the fort.
      I did consider sanding them but the glue I´m using is some type of industrial PVA I got given whilst Clearing an industrial unit..glues bricks together and dries really fast. Good as I got 12 litres of the stuff...turns out it´s very expensive..3 x that of normal PVA.
      I´ll do a test with the Wood stain

  6. I’ll have to write this technique down for later...😀
    Good idea.

  7. Very effective and always more satisfying and cheaper when you use an everyday household item.

  8. Well that's a cracking idea! Won't work for the youngsters though, where are they going to find (or even recognise) a cassette case!?

    1. I never thought that Youngsters probably wouldn´t recognise a Cassette box,,how the world has changed eh?
      The good Thing with them, same goes for CD cases (at some Point Music will only be on sticks, phones and the like) is the clear plastic can be glued with normal plastic cement..great for Scratchbuilding. Luckily I´ve got stacks of old CD/Cassette boxes :-)