Saturday, 30 October 2010

My Eyes!!! (Baccus 6mm Napoleonics)

I´m Posting the picture of these as my sister doesn´t believe it´s possible...( Now do you believe me? ;-))
I Got these tiny little 6mm Bods from Benno (Bennosfigures Forum - see link) at the annual Forum meeting in Kampen. I witnessed him painting his 6mm bods without using a magnifying glass and in poor light!! (and thanks again for the painting tips Benno!! :-) ) I did my best, and surprisingly they aren´t really that difficult and I can see the attraction...huge armies in a small area.(also the cost of paint must be minimal!)


  1. I'm currently working (among other things of course ;) ) on 6mm fantasy. There is no better way to do large scale fantasy battles. As my wife says, they look like an army, not like someone and their mates out for a scrap.
    Check out Irregular as well. Good figs and cheap too.


  2. Hi Dimitri. I just had a look at your blog and your 6mm fantasy army looks great...I like what your wife´s true :-)

  3. GORDEN BENNET!!!!They are small!how the hell did you paint them,I struggle with 1/72.Great job mate.

  4. Where's the rest? You can't fight a battle with four men! :-D

    Baccus is also present with a stand at CRISIS this Saturday. You might want to check out their showcase... ;-)