Sunday 31 October 2010


I recently got these from an obscure Internet dealer...called "Here today, gone tomorrow Inc! , strange name if you ask me, but each to thier own eh?
The plastic is of the harder variety, comparable to the stuff used by say Italeri. The set has a range of different poses, including, which I find quite original, some animal ghost ones. Not bad at all and the special paints that come with the set can be easily mixed with normal Acrylics.
 As can be seen in the following pics, they paint up quite well. First up, a baby ghost.
This one is a horse..or it could also be a pony...some of them are a bit out of scale, but never mind.

Happy Halloween :-)


  1. Paul,

    I try to do some 1/72 fantasy skirmishing. You think that these would be any good for an undead army? Who's the dealer?



  2. Hi Dimitri.
    I got these yesterday from a dealer on E-Bay, the ones called "here today, gone tomorrow" and today i looked and geuss what..?...they have gone offline.
    Anyway i think they may not be very good for wargaming as it says on the box, "may re-act to sunlight"

  3. Spooky!!! I have brought beers like that!

  4. Cheers :-)
    @ Paul...what the ones that re-act to sunlight or the "here today, gone tomorrow" ones?
    I should have known that with a dealer with such a name I wouldn´t have the ghost of a chance of finding them again. Mind you, something might have spooked them...still, I shall try to keep my spirits up...(I shall stop now:-))