Monday, 1 November 2010

More gangsters from red Box

This lot of ugly so and so´s are what I like to call the "hoodlums" of the set.
Here they can be seen ignoring all the local road safety laws to have a friendly game of baseball in the middle of the high street. The game has evidently has turned a bit nasty!! Slugger Jones is facing down Wee willy the Knife whilst one of Sluggers team mates tries to introduce his bat to willys head from behind.. Molly the Moll is pondering what to do with her switchblade whilst her husband, Grumpy Joe just looks on....grumpily.
 There is, hidden amongst the rather large amount of Flash, some interesting and original the fact that Willy is holding a pair of Knuckle dusters in his left unsporting is that??!


  1. I like the gangsters moll in the background, she looks like she doesn't know whether to use her weapon or serve it with a slice of pineapple, straw and umbrella!

  2. Great figures, really well painted.

  3. You did them good mate!
    They may lack in detail but your painting have imroved them a lot!
    Well done!

  4. Thanks guys..:-)
    I might get the Boxer rebellion Civilian Volunteers to add to the gangsters or civilians...some would make good detective types, but go to PSR and take a look at the Flash!!!!

  5. Hi Paul,

    you proof that there are no bad figures on the market. Everything can be done with a good paintjob!