Monday, 1 November 2010

Revell Sopwith F.1 Camel

This time the kit didn´t come with a potted history of which day of the week it was flown over somewhere by Lt general so and so. It did come with a nice little set of playing cards, but unfortunately they were very small and dreadfully thin, so I stuck a couple of them on the wings in case the pilot got bored whilst flying. 
This time I used stretched sprue to construct the rigging, a bit better than waxed sowing thread but still a pain in the backside to fit. If I build this plane again (not this particular one, that would be silly) I would add a couple of extras...lewis gun, windscreen etc.


  1. Well, he's got plenty of sponsors... Oh wait a minute, it's a warplane, not a race plane :D

  2. Cracking plane bud.It does have a touch of the F1 about it.Keep knocking out,they are cheap as chips.