Thursday, 3 February 2011

Italeri 1/32nd Romans

Apparently this set is no longer made so I´m going to have to get my hands on a few more if my plans are going to become true. The basic Infantry bods ahve been converted, arms, legs repositioned, necks twisted etc. I can´t remember where the Centurions Head came from...:-/
Hello to Einar Olafson. If you want to see some really well painted Romans in 1/72nd, then look at his Blog Softplasticwars   His other Blog, Einar Olafsons Painting       has some cracking 28mm bods in all eras.


  1. They look really and I mean really good Paul, with good sized shields and the guys with the pilums actually look realistic!

    Man how plastic figs have changed since I was a nipper, although your handy work has a lot to do with them looking that good.

  2. I really like them, I think that they are better in 1/32nd than the 1/72nd set.

    Thank you for your kind words abot my blog and for the link too!!



  3. Very nice-better than ESCI or REVELL.

  4. Randall says: you did a nice job on these Paul, I have never seen this set here, I like that there are more poses in this scale than their 1/72 set

  5. nice. italeri are not producing any of their 54mm figures anymore