Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Medieval punishments (1)

This was about the Gloranthan big army day but has been altered to host the hanged man pics which I didn´t want to post front of blog without a Pre-warning...some may say I´m being over cautious...but I prefer not to risk upsetting people..


  1. A startling figure and responsible attitude; credit to you Paul.

  2. Must have missed this first time round, very nice, poor chap!

  3. I think people see worser things like this these days Paul. If I only have a look at the games they play these days on internet and so on, this creation isn't that bad.
    But I understand the message and I agree with you about this. There has only one to be offended and he can cause trouble.

    Great conversion mate!


  4. A very worthy stab at the cruelty of man. I agree with your caution and warning.

    At this scale the poor bod really was 'Strung' up!

  5. Then again...he may have deserved it. Good grim model and the warning was well done.

  6. Good work on this, I suppose the warning was a good idea.

  7. Good work, but a bit disturbing though - I don't know whether it's intentional, but the position of the legs looks to me though the guy is sitll struggling!

  8. I am not very fond about such themes, but when such a scene is shown, it should be correct. In my point of view this guy is still struggling for his life. Dead body do not spread their legs and they don't rise their heads.


  9. Yikes! A bit shocking, but well executed (no pun intended!).

  10. Is this one-of-a-kind or are there copies for sale?

  11. Sorry, I don't agree with this opinions... where is the different to sets from

    a.) Valdemar, where you can see dead, slaughters, falling Soldiers
    b.) Atlantic Mussolini with fashist signs and poses
    c.) Ykreol, all the dead miniatures
    d.) Fred. Rex with the "Räderung"
    and and and

    1. Hi Tom.
      I think the difference is the rarety of the theme. I can think of only 4 other depictions of this, the Atlantic cowboys, Massimos version of the above and 28mm ACW and an ECW one. The last two the makers and painters of them did the same as I did, "hid" it and gave a warning. Wether there are any that can be directly seen, I don´t know.

      With the fighting and dead soldiers it´s a common theme and generally quite sanitized, ie there is no blown off legs etc with bones sticking out, no stomachs cut open with the insides coming out.

      The Breaking on the wheel theme is also a rare one I´ve advertised the unpainted version here but if and when I paint it I will consider doing the same as with the hanged man and the 3 from the Linear-b set.

      As for the Mussolini set...I don´t do politics, not in model making..if I do, then it´s always tongue in cheek :-D

      Basically, I´m not against the protrayal of anything that has happened in real life in model for, however schocking but I think it´s fair to give a warning, younger people may (and probably do) access the blog.