Friday, 15 June 2012

HaT British 17th Lancers

These are as near enough to painting napoleonics as I want to get...the belts near drove me mad. Enorm respect to those of you whose main interest is napoleonics...I wouldn´t have the patience.
I´ve mixed a bit of the box art with pics I found on the web...the cuffs for example. On the box art they have a white line around the white cuff, but most pics on the web show just a white cuff. The bag at the front. To try and get a cross over in colour between horse and rider I painted them brown..they should be blue but it ended up looking a bit too much.
The plastron fronted tunic, although the plastron was turned back to hide the white panel I liked the look of it.
As they are for my Khandibarian colonials, they will be rebranded the "Queens III Lancers" (Painting 17L on the bedding roll,  proved beyond me) it´s not really necessary to go the whole "historical mile".
Without any conversion the set delivers 8 bod variants...not bad at all :-D
Bugler and waiting lancer.
My second favourite pose from the set...Captn S.Piers. The head had to be  twisted slightly  to align it along his arm. One thing.....none of the bods has a revolver holster....and there is a bit of excess plastic that needs removing from the back of the revolver.
My favourite pose..lancer leaning forward to attack. One small problem..but I overlooked it so I could add a bit more colour..the pennons (lance flags) originally designed to upset enemy horses,  would have been rolled in a canvas bag during active service /  battle.
I would have liked a horse in full gallop but apart from a bit of extra plastic between the rear legs of one or two of the horses,  it´s a very nice set.


  1. Those lancers are really nice, and yes, we can see a lot of details!
    This period is really great, and you can be proud...very nice work!

  2. These are great! I've been really looking forward to seeing these painted somewhere.

    My main historical interest is Anglo-Zulu War but my painting is Napoleonics, strangely. You may not have the patience for that period but looks like you've certainly got the skill! Nice painting!

  3. Very nice, excellent painting

  4. This is a bit of a departure for you Paul, but as with anything else you approach you've done a fine job.

  5. Thanks for sharing this Paul. I keep it in mind when I start on mine!

    Excellent work!


  6. Easily the requisite detail for 1/72nd figures - you'd go blind trying to get more in! Great job!


  7. very nice work paul. I did not expect and now I will not expect you to do nappies, too hard

  8. This is handy you painting yours up before I have done mine, I can come back to these for painting reference and inspiration.
    Superb work.

  9. Nice work Paul. And great reference material for me - I'm awaiting for mine to arrive for my VSF armies.

  10. nicely done Paul, we'll convert you yet! :-)

  11. Proper cavalry! :D They look wonderful Paul, well worth the effort.

  12. Great paint work Paul I am with you on the favourites those are cracking figures!

  13. Smashing - they don't like it up 'em you know!

  14. Very nicely painted Paul.