Monday, 18 June 2012

HaT Frontier Light Horse

They had a uniform but apparently they preffered to use civilian clobber, even on active service, the only recognisable thing showing that they belonged to the Light horse being a red band tied around thier hats. I´ve gone for a uniformed look, using the colours suggested on the HaT boxart.

3 horse poses, and 5 bod poses. The set does have a bit of flash that needs dealing with..not a lot but it´s very thin and due to the plastic being soft, it´s a paint to remove
The horses are the same as in the 17th lancer set. Most pics show the Light horse with very little equipment on the horses..even on HaT´s boxart it shows no bedroll.
Again..the bod with the revolver hasn´t got a holster...which is ok with the 17th Lancer set as the arm holding the revolver can be put on one of 3 bods..but here the arm is fixed..odd error.
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  1. Very nice Paul and I dare say a lot less hassle than the lancers!

  2. Good painting work! I like what you have done with them,
    but that's sure, the last HAT's sets seem to be "quickly-made" !
    I'm interested with this set, because, maybe I could use it for Old West and it's certainly possible....

    1. Thanks. As I was painting them I thought " I wonder if Pascal would be able to do something with these?" :-D

  3. They look very good Paul! You managed very well copying the colours of the box art. Not the most common one.


  4. "Is that a pommie?", nice work Paul!

  5. Nice as always, I would expect them to carry the bedroll, after all even light horse like a kip every now and again


  6. Lovely work Paul, they are an irregular uniform look about them.

  7. good work paul. they do look like they could have many uses. even I looked at it for a possible gaucho style modern cavalry set (with some conversion... berets)

  8. Great stuff Paul. FLH look fantastic.

  9. Splendid stuff, Paul. Lots and lots of uses for these guys - cracking stuff!

  10. If you are not showing your medieval collection then its colonial, what more could we ask for. Superb.

  11. Awesome job on picking the colors, not too eccentric but very earthy