Monday 22 June 2015

Medieval timber framed Church..

..and a Barn with house attached.
Okay, I did plan on making a building based on either ...Stokesay Castle gatehouse or Bayleaf farmstead next (sorry Ray, Bayleaf farmstead is coming at some Point) but the church caught my eye and the barn was half finished anyway.
The barn with attached house is purely made up......and the gates are large enough so a carriage can be parked inside.
.......but The church is based on the village church in Linow (HERE).....
.and even though I can´t see a bell in any of the pics from the web I assume there is one.

In a medieval role it will be used as a church but for my Imagi-Nation of  Bodstonia it will be the local Meeting hall ..and the bell will become part of the narrative as the "Oak Bell"


  1. Two Great Looking models here.....

    Keep up the good work.


  2. Great work.
    Is these barn kind of which the animals on the ground floor and upstairs living people...

    1. Thanks. Not really, that´s more late or rural medieval not to say it didn´t happen in towns. I suppose the house could have Extended the living space of the top floor over the barn area though.

    2. The eastern border of the (war-time) Russian region, there were large houses, animals on the ground floor, and people living in the second and third floor.
      Exterior stairs up to the apartment, and a very large balcony

  3. Stokesay Castle is easily my favourite castle - even if apparently it's not a castle but a fortified manor house. It's also only 20 mins drive from me which is kind of handy. Weird thing is that Thaxted was 20 mins drive from where I grew up.

    Love the work by the way...