Saturday 27 June 2015

Medieval street (Pt 1)

Making single (detached ) buildings is ok, but it doesn´t really create the classic "higgle-piggle mix and match" look of medieval streets (like the "Shambles" in York) and it saves a bit of work as creating single "stand alone" buildings means designing, creating and painting  all  4 (at least) sides.

 To save a bit of work and to introduce the "higgle-piggle mix and match" look ,  I´ve come up with an "front and Back, add as I go" Approach.

This is the first building which I can then add more to..based on number 1-2 Broadstreet, Ludlow. The plan is to add a couple more (so there´s 4 or 5 to each side) to the left and right, then add another couple of Corner buildings and eventually  create a square and base the lot with added courtyards, outhouses etc in the middle.
The sides have been left free so other buildings can be added.......... this  building (not based on any real life one)
Any alleyway to allow access to the backyards.


  1. I know Ludlow quite well and will make a point of searching out this actual building the next time I visit.


    1. Top of the high street and across from the townhall. I´ve been in the shop on the ground floor. Ludlow ´s got quite a few decent timberframed of them (the feathers Pub..which I also visited) is spectacular..and way beyond my skills so it´s not on my list to reproduce as a model.

  2. They look excellent, Paul. I am looking for something like this for Lion Rampant games.

  3. Lovely work. Ludlow Castle is one of my favourite places to visit, but the pub sounds good...

  4. Fantastic work. How do you keep knocking these out so quickly!?

  5. Thanks Alan. TBH, I don´t know.; having all the bits lined up like a factory is all I can come up with. Along with those I´ve already made..12?, there has been two total failures, they just didn´t look right somehow so got binned halfway through.

  6. Great work, have been looking for ideas for a WW2 German town, noted a factory approach is the way to go added to German efficency