Tuesday 7 July 2015

Medieval Street (Pt 4)

Another Addition , this time a "Corner building" and based on, what is now,  Gert and Henry's Restaurant, Jubbergate, York.
I originally found a Picture which Shows it with a large  White Rose on the front  and called, logically enough, the White Rose Cafe.
I´ve left the rose off and Extended the Roof over it´s gable end.
A really good resource, sometimes with scale plans for Timber framed houses  is BHO (British History Online)
I advise using the search function as the site is huge and can be a bit confusing.


  1. You really are a clever Bod!

  2. Looking good and thank you for the link.


  3. They just keep get better and better, stunning Paul.

  4. This series of buildings you have been working on look excellent. Keep up the great work!