Friday 10 July 2015

Medieval street (Pt5)

I wasn´t really that satisfied with the look of Some of the buildings I first made (Card Houses Post) so they have all had a make over, for example the roofing changed and chimneys added.
One of the three storey houses was cut in half and had the lower floor removed..there were simply too many three storey houses and it was getting a bit of a  "all the same height" look.
Also..some housing / Workshops are needed for the lower orders and artisans.

Storage shed ?, Stables? Workshop?
Some of the other houses are getting "add ons" as well like These Bay Windows which help break up large Areas of walls

The Weekend approaches so I´ll get stuck in and hopefully get the rest finished!!!


  1. Seeing them together like this you get a real sense of the town growing. Great work Paul.

  2. Good job,
    street view begins to be completed...
    a question which, I would say: Stables or blacksmith's

  3. Good looking buildings. I like the contrast between the white and yellow buildings and the batten style.


  4. These are fantastic Paul, great work!

  5. Impressive builds !

    Best regards Michael