Wednesday 1 July 2015

Medieval street (Pt2)

The "Yellow house".
This one is  based on another house in Broadstreet, Ludlow.
I couldn´t work ourt exactly how the beams on the top floor (here they are called"Andreas crosses" ) had been positioned so I went with vertical beams as with the first two floors.
A bit of modernisation has taken place..chimneys are being added.

Added to the two previous buildings.
A recent trip out revealed another candidate for a model based on a real building..a barn with house attached at the back.
The Thing is massive, roughly 23 meters Long and 12 meters wide.
The barn and attached house are open to the public (for free)

The main house (Haus Kemnade)
I won´t even contemplate re-creating´s way to big.
120 meters Long and 80 meters wide at the front, 50 at the back.

The Museum inside the Castle has some great bits and the carvings on one of the staircases and in the ceilings...the one in the Picture is about 2 meters across.

And, last but not least, flagged up on Volomirs blog , a georgeous Diorama by Francesco "Franciuus" Farabi.
Simple is design but the layout and the use of colours etc are expertly excecuted ...just lovely.
A Sherwood Tale



  1. Loving your buildings, but the real house certainly has the wow factor.

  2. Always a treat to see your building efforts, Paul. Lovely.

  3. An excellent addition to your ever growing collection!