Monday 13 July 2015

Medieval Town

...also to be used in Bodstonia
50% of it finished ..planning permission for the other half has been asked for.
25 individual buildings (some stuck together in Groups of three or 4) 23 scratchbuilt from Card, the other two from Fredericus-Rex.
The idea to create a housing block was abandoned after I turned the Corner around (the White rose cafe and attached houses) and it created a new street. I prefered the effect that was created.
Just visible (top far left second row of buildings)..the last house hasn´t had the Roof tiles added as it will have another building attached.
New " industrial road" created by attaching some of the buildings I first made (now with new roofing etc) together.
The back of the "yellow house" street...the Rose Cafe to the left.
Along the "industrial" estate road looking towards the end of the "yellow house" street
The "industrial " street from the other end.

The rear of the main street ..the "White rose cafe" on the top left Corner
I´ll have to work out what I´ll use for road surfaces but  as I´ve´s far from finished and the layout might Change as more buildings, town square with fountain and especially functional buildings  like a smithy, Stables etc  are added.
Cost of the Project so far? €6 for A ltr of woodglue, €3 for a combined (Brown, White and a bit of yellow)  litre of acrylic wall paint ..a wee bit of talcumpowder to thicken the paint...10 euros out at less than 50 Cents a house .

One for the purists. A common perception is that there should be at least a small Stone/brick plinth /Wall supporting the beams on the bottom floor.
Not always..Just a couple I´ve found without (or the wall painted black)  since starting this project
Weobley, Corner House and Red Lion Inn
Bowes Morrell House in Walmgate
From Machynlleth Town
Weald and Downland Museum (the medieval shop originally from Horsham)

Another 20 plus (and the roads) to go...Possible by the end of the year?


  1. Absolutely wonderful Paul, tourist information is where? ;)

  2. Very impressive.

    Thanks for all the updates.


  3. Where's the sewerage? ;) just kidding
    Great arangement and impressive work!

    Greetings Hightower

  4. Very impressive real-estate....of course they'd be full of fleas, rats, spiders...!

    There's an old (Geogian?) town house on the main road though Shalford with a couple of twisted brick pillars 'holding up' the cantilevered second story, but I thing they are designed more to prevent coaches and wagons catching the overhang as the property was right against the road?

  5. It has been a while since I last saw your work and now... WOW!

  6. Great work, small and nice town was born.
    If I can hope, a bit of street paving, street markets, as well as people and animals
    but, I think, they are coming...

  7. Very impressive Paul...each of these buildings is beautiful!

  8. You are a master builder Paul, not just one detailed building but a whole town. Very impressive and you set a standard that we all try to reach.