Saturday, 14 November 2015

Baggage Control (medieval style)

They didn´t have Scanners etc in those days so they relied on physical methods, like in this case poking about with the tip of a halbard.

The set (15 pieces in metal) is called "Vor dem Stadttor" (In front of the town gate) and is available from Fredericus Rex

Close ups
Mr Woodcutter, Wife and son

Dobin and cart
Cart 2 without load.

The axle Pins  are bit thin, the hole in the wheels an bit large. I´m no fan of glueing unless there´s no other solution so I came up with this.
Short bit of wire insulation on the axle, the holes in the wheels filed a tiny bit larger and Bingo.
Plastic Soldier Review are Holding a Survey to ask wether the site should/could be improved etc. It only takes a Minute or so to fill out so spare a bit of time and have your say

Don´t click the pic below..use the direct Picture link to the right.


  1. This is a fabulous little set, the guards going about the inspection are superb.

  2. Looks fantastic Paul! And a good joke!


  3. Perfect as usual, Paul. What paint do you use for your tin hats/armour?

    1. Thanks David.
      Javana (also sold under the Label Hobbyline) textil acrylic- Anthracite, First coat straight out of the pot, next a drybrush with a bit of silver added. Marabu used to do a similar Anthracite which was great, covered in one go with the same effect but they stopped making it.

  4. Wonderfull work, Paul!!
    Thank you!


  5. Another wonderful set of figures, Paul.

  6. Really nice set , I particularly like the family, look great in your urban setting
    best Iain