Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Tecumseh - Strelets

Not a bad set,  12 bods with some interesting poses
As  noted on the PSR write up, no bare chested warriors (apparently they liked to fight bare chested)  and the bod who is meant to represent Tecumseh is repeated 4 times so, along with the crawling bod,  a bit of a waste.
At the Moment I can´t see any decent conversion possibilities but maybe at some Point I will so one sprue is Held in reserve, the  Two  extra sprues have been put on the "Bods - Sale/swop" page.
 The strelets bods are 22.5mm, the Italeri ones 25mm, the 1.5mm height difference seems a lot when each make is compared alongside each other...…
....but mixed together, the height difference becomes less apparent and  they make a decent looking warband. 
…. The man himself, Tecumseh (middle)
The man himself, Tecumseh (middle)

Would be nice if Strelets made a Woodland civilian set or two. The Imex Eastern Friendly Indians set is very nice, but at 26mm tall,  they are giants, especially in comparison with the Strelets bods,   ...and the set is hard to find.


  1. Great set of figures.Very Well painted Paul,and with the bow strung Magic! It does seem that I waited near my entire life for such a set of period piece figures to arrive upon the market place. Great Stuff! BB

  2. Nicely done Paul, the comparison shots are quite telling, but as you say all mixed together they look pretty good to me.

  3. The Imex Friendly Indians aren't too bad of a match for the Italieri warriors. Some of the Imex figures are children and teenagers, and those should be no trouble to mix. I'm sure you know there are two women with papoose-carriers in the old Airfix Plains Indian set. Have you checked out the Pegasus Mission Indians set? True, they're from the wrong coast, but you might find some of them usable, especially for 'Praying Indians', or others who have picked up some white material culture. One conversion I find very easy is to add breech-clout flaps to figures wearing trousers - cut a tiny square from cigarette paper, dip in epoxy, glue on. This might be applied to some of the Mission Indian men, who are wearing Mexican style trousers.

  4. cool stuff there Paul. I didn't even know of this Strelets set. I'll have to take a look at it.

  5. Excellent work! The height difference is not big for my eyes.As in real life, there are men and...bigger men!!
    Regards, George.

  6. Marvellous looking warriors, very nicely painted.

  7. I'm always blown away by your work with plastics! You put all my stuff to shame

    1. Thanks :-D
      Put you to shame!? Never!! Your stuff makes me jealous!

  8. Maybe you already knew about Nikolai's "Forest Indians" line? link

    Nice painting, as always!

  9. Excellent painted figures Paul! And yes they mix well together with teh Italeri figures!