Saturday 25 March 2017

English Longbowmen - Strelets

A bit of a rest from the ACW Project whilst the rest of the bits and pieces for the upcoming battles are prepared.
A Long awaited Addition to the 1/72nd medieval ranges, a complete set of archers to cover the 13th to the 15th centuries. Not Strelets  usual "chunky " Style, this lot are a lot slimmer, have a lot more Detail and  Flash is virtually non existant.
At PSR it´s noted that;
"Like the rest of the army, the English archer wore what we* could afford, scrounge, loot or otherwise choose, so a wide range of clothing styles is necessary and that is what we have here"
This was common for other armies, ie the Welsh, Scotts etc so the Titel could equally have been  "Medieval Archers".

Anyways, the Review at PSR says more than I can..
A couple of Close ups
The historically  (in)correct two finger salute
Added to the rest of the "Red Army" Archers..38 in total.
The Strelets Bods are closer in size to Airfix or Accurate / Revell than the Zvezda bods but the 4 makes mix well.
* most definately was meant as "what he could ..."


  1. I salute your splendid archers...from France, excellent job!

  2. Fantastic set Paul, colorful as always, and some nice bases as well.
    I give you a correct finger salut my friend, hahahaha
    Hope you will come to FIGZ again, and bring these.
    Greetings Remco

  3. Really nice looking minis, i love the bowstrings!.

  4. Amazing work Paul, the strings re such a great touch.

  5. Nice job! I picked up 8 of the 10 new boxes almost on release, Strelets really outdone themselves with their new stuff. Can't wait for further releases, and I really hope they'll make knights and sergeants as well.

  6. They've come out really well, the green and white especially.
    Best Iain

  7. Great job! I have just ordered this set and got plenty of inspiration from your good work.


  8. Beautiful work as always and congratulations on your Blog.
    I noticed that you have correctly cut away the quivers that were not present in the medieval archers.