Saturday 1 April 2017

English Men-At-Arms 13th-14th Century - Strelets

As with the English archers set, the kit and the weapons are similar to the Irish, Scottish etc soldiery of the period, so again,  the titel is a ? IMHO, They could have used the Titel, Medieval Men-At-Arms - 13th-14th Century equally as well.
Full PSR Review HERE
12 poses (not including the Streltsi  bod) and so far, I´ve managed to bump it up to 14 with 2 conversions but more conversions are possible. least 4.
Close ups .
The spearman on the far right has a peg to attach a buckler to the left arm but I decided against it.
Obviously the "Flag" could be replaced with a spear, or in fact a spear with a printed flag instead of the chunky plastic  pennon and I have a cunning idea for altering the trumpeter into a more combative role.
IMHO, this is an all round excellent set from Strelets, not only due to the Detail and that there´s virtually no Flash but there´s a Feeling of nostalgia as they have couple of figures that remind me of the 1/32nd Airfix Medieval soldier bods. :-)
Infact, why didn´t Airfix release the  1/32nd set in 1/72nd scale!! ...and TBH, I wouldn´t mind if,  along with the 1/72nd bods, Strelets released thier sets in 1/32nd as well. Now that would give me a damm good reason to make functioning 1/32nd scale  trebuchets and ballistas!
This pair had thier shields swopped as the large round ones, while not improbable,  just didn´t say English Men-at-Arms to me, so they got the Heater style ones instead.
This pair. The one on the far right lost the end of his halberd so it was replaced with a spear.
PS..The Airfix ACW Project is finished, as far as the bods, Terrain etc goes. I just Need to make a couple of "measuring devices" (Grapeshot /Cannister effect thingy) and game pics will appear shortly.


  1. Those are brilliant, Paul! I'm also very nostalgic about the Airfix medieval set. I think that chap hurling the stone was the best!

    1. Thanks. A very similar bod to the Airfix Stone lobber is in the Orion Medieval Siege Troops set.
      In´ve just given me an idea :-)

  2. Very nice job, Paul, your men at arms are great.

  3. Very nice work Paul, I have a box in the stash ready for when I get the medieval bug again.

  4. They look splendid Paul,I bought this boxed set a few weeks ago along with the Longbow Men. Two very good sets that i feel would mix in well with other medieval earlier stuff.

    That pajama guy in my opinion is Killing the Forum,and i have had two run in`s with him dictating how others should paint and post their work there. You know where I am coming from. He even tells me i spend to much time on that place. Arrogant or what? BB

    1. Thanks Paul.
      Apro the PJ Guy.
      Firstly, you can spend as much time and write as much as you want on the Forum, no-one can decide who makes too many or come to that, too few Posts. A small chinese (or possibly Japanese, I Forget) story about too much or too little.

      A Master and his disciple go to a stony beach (similar to Brighton say)
      They sit down in the dunes along the beach and The master tells the disciple to go and search the beach and bring him the biggest pebble he can find. The Student searches and after a while finds a big pebble, carries it to the dune Setting it down next to the master. The master tells him he has failed in his alloted Task and again tells him to go and bring him the biggest pebble on the beach. The Student is confused and says "but Master, I have brought you the biggest pebble from the beach" to which the Master says "it is no longer the biggest on the beach".

      If any Forum that sets "Guidelines" like telling how many Posts are too few or too many wouldn´t be worth being on.

      He (PJ Guy) is good at what he does but that is not to say that anyone elses stuff is bad or his stuff is the stick to which all else can be measured. Bad or good is in the eye of the beholder and if the Producer of that work had fun, tried their best and was happy with the result and posted it as best they could (not all of us have Access to high grade Studio Level cameras, lighting etc ) then no-one can tell them that they should do it as they do.. (see also the beach Story)
      Being good at what one does does not give anyone the right to tell others that what they do is wrong, bad, incorrect can offer advice, offer, not Give. Depending on how that advice is offered (and PJ has, IMHO, a tendency to "give" advice as if from a position of assumed authority which can only come over as negative critique) depends on wether that advice is accepted or not and further, how that advice is accepted. If someone is "given" advice that Comes over as being told, the "giver" shouldn´t get the hump if the recievers reply /Response is negative.

      Any Forum that sets Guidelines on what is an acceptable Standard or not would, IMHO, be approaching the philosophie of facism and again, not be worth being on.

      Third and Lastly..If everyone produced the same hyper realistic stuff then how boring life would be.

    2. I agree with what you have written Paul,i am biding my time with this guy from now on he`s walking on eggshells after calling me paranoid because I disagreed with him and that is disgraceful behaviour. I like banter between friends but that insult to all people who suffer it I will not forget. Thank you kindly Paul for taking time out to communicate with me. You enjoy your day. BB

  5. Looking Formidable, Specially Like The Pike men.

  6. Dynamic poses and great paintjob Paul!

  7. Lovely work Paul, wonderfully realised.