Saturday, 15 April 2017

Medieval Camp followers - Finished

Finally the planned two stands of Camp followers are finished.
I went for a  miserable woe is me  look, a huddle of miserables trudging along at the back of an army, too lowly and unimportant  to have any sort of armed escort.
New additions
The man with a child on his shoulders and the pair pushing the wheelbarrow are from the Strelets Crusader Transport 2. 
Would have been pushed or pulled ? ..Logic seems (to me anyway) that , like a horse powered one, pulling it would make more sense.
The bod sticking his finger up his beak is from the same set but has become a pedestrian after a lower Body swop.
The cart came with a single box as the load  which is small and doesn´t really seem to Warrant the use of a  wheeled platform. It would make more sense to load the Contents of the box into two sacks. Also it was meant to have  spoked wheels. Seeing that These are peasants,  I reckon it´s slightly unrealistic. The load I replaced with some toilet roll soaked in  PVA, The wheels are  from the Airfix Ancient Britons set.


  1. Love your camp followers, reaslitic and splendid job Paul...

  2. Nice work, I've kept some old Airfix wheels for use with medieval transport.

  3. Fantastic. Your medievals are simply wonderful, Paul.

    Best regards, WM

  4. Lovely job Paul and I like the little conversion too.

  5. I always marvel at your work Paul, just love the guy with the finger up his nose conversion.