Tuesday 18 April 2017

War Trolls - Olog-hai (Set 1)

The First Batch of Trolls from RedBox´s Alliance Fantasy range.
8 Trolls in 4 poses. Minimal Flash which is a doddle to remove due to them being made of fairly hard plastic.
My choice of Skin colours? As These are supposed to be Olog -hai, a new type of troll bred so they are faster, more intelligent and less vulnerable to sunlight, they were probably cross bred. To reflect that (theory) mine  Show animal characteristics, the pinkish Skin and troll ones , the Grey cracked Stone like Skin.
There have been scans of other trolls being made by RedBox (Catapult Crew etc) so  Hopefully they will appear soon.

You´re soldiers of Gondor, no matter what Comes through that gate, you will....
......oh sh.....!!
Close ups. Timmy and Terence....
 ...Trevor* and Troy.
My favourite, Timmy The Troll
Size comparisons.
Considering they are created specifically for 1/72nd, and even after taking the added height of the basing into consideration, these beasts are still  BIG!
Poor Legless faces up to Timmy...He´s got no hope I´m Afraid.

The 28mm Bod may think he has some sort of Chance.. my bet is on Timmy

 *Trevor Looks very much like the Troll at the battle of the black gate in the third LotR film.
My Money would, if the fight between him and Aragorn had been for real, been on Trevor.

In the book, Peregrin Took actually Kills one at the Battle of the Black gate! Considering the size Ratio, the only way he could have possibly have done that is to jump into it´s mouth and use his Body to block it´s throat and  thus choke  it to death, very much like What Alfred ends up doing (against his will) in the Battle of the Five Armies


  1. Absolutely superb Paul, what amazing sculpts and beautifully painted too.

  2. Redbox releases have always been slow during my run to make LotR in 1/72 scale. These guys came out well after I settled on Old Glory 28mm trolls. However, as you point out, these could still work for the Oolog-Hai. So, I suppose I have some "need" to buy a box to round out my "bad guy" armies. ;)

    Nice brushwork. You really made them look the part!

    1. Thanks John. They (RB/Alliance) announce loads of new stuff and release a load of it all at once and the rest takes what seems for years to come out.

  3. Very nicely done! Just got some of these myself and will definitely reference your work whilst I paint mine.

    I'm hoping Redbox does some goblins. Seems we're sorely lacking goblins in 1/72, aside from the Caesar ones.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Scott :-)
      The painting was a bit more complicated than I thought. Firstly they are BIG!
      The Grey Skin was easy but pinky Skin was Trouble. I ended up painting them ;
      1. base black with a mid Brown coat mixed with some green..a sort of Khaki colour
      2. Then mid Brown mixed with a bit of european Skin
      3. A lighter Highlight using the colour from 2 with a bit more european Skin added
      4. First drybrush with the colour from 3 with a tiny bit of green
      5. The colour from 4 with a tiny dab of yellow
      6. Very light drybrush of 5 with a bit more european Skin added.
      The Armour..Black base, silver mixed with a lot of black, drybrush with a bit more silver and a very light brush with chocolate brown

    2. Thanks for the painting tips! I've mostly collected 28mm up until recently when I made the jump to 1/72. Just polished off my first batch of Cimmerians from Redbox. :)

  4. I wondered how they scaled with regular 1:72 minis, very imposing!. Fantastic painting as ever.

  5. Very big War Trolls and great painted too!

  6. Very well done. Inspiration to get my own set done.

  7. Hi phil
    klasse trolle
    super bemalt
    ich liebe diese figuren

  8. My word, they're massive! Great paint jobs. Loads of character.

    1. Thanks Herbert.They are big, possibly, for the intended scale, too big. I´d like to see anyone kill or even damage one of them with a sword or whatever. Military style large calibre firearms maybe but a sword? No Chance.

  9. Yes,massive and i like these Paul, and fantasy figures can come in many a size. These might suit a story that I have in mind. So I think a few of these will be on my shopping list. As for your painting on these uglies they look horridly good. BB

  10. Hi Paul! Very nice color scheme, I particularly like their skin and the reason you give to explain your choice. The minis are always better with a bit of background !

  11. What an impressive paintjob, they look great. Love this cute Timmmy and the size comparisons...

  12. Very nice work but yes, they are big! I'm wondering if they'd make passable Orcs at 28mm scale.

    1. Thanks Alan. They are probably a bit too big for 28mm orcs. Hobgoblin chieftans maybe ?

  13. Great trolls and nice work on the skin tones.