Thursday, 18 May 2017

15th Century Burgundian Infantry and Knights

Taken a bit of time to get this post set up, my PC ended went to the big electronic graveyard last week and getting used to a laptop takes a while.
Two sets again. This time, RedBox´s 15th Century Burgundian Infantry and Knights sets 1 & 2.
A lot of them can be added to the Ultima Ratio Swiss infantry sets or mixed with other Redbox WotR´s  sets, the only small Problem, the embossed burgundian crosses need removing on a few of them.

Set one.
Mainly heavy infantry. Nearly half of them have Bannerols (Little pennons/flags) on their helmets. While this isn´t incorrect, a bannerol was carried by the Squadron leaders, Conductors and Chief de Chambre , it does seem excessive with nearly half of them having one. Still, it gives a choice as to which bod is a leader type and they are easy enough to remove.
Set 2
Mainly pikemen. Again, a lot of bannerols but again, easy to remove.
The molded pikes? IMHO, too thick and a wee bit too short for my liking, not only that, one or two suffered from "brewers droop"  so I replaced them with Florist wire.
Not only  are the molded pikes  (IMHO) too short, thick or droopy  but a couple of poses have got  a lot of extra plastic between the pikemen´s bodies and the pikes. Along with the pikes, this all needed removing.
The two at the front have had head swops

Some of these, the pikes and halberds, will, along with a few others, form a Mk2 Burgundian pikeblock. The rest will fill out the infantry blocks.


  1. Well done, lovely minis Paul...

  2. Very nice painting Paul, I like them a lot :)
    I was just wondering whether the small flag attached to the helmet of some of the men are actual items for fighting men, or some things only used in tournament ?

    1. Thanks Phil. The bannerols (little flags on the helmets) are for fighting men. Wether they were carried by burgundians at tournaments I don´t know but There are some paintings of later period medieval german knights carrying similar flags on thier armour (and the armour of thier horses) at tournament)but then I don´t know ether they Germans carried them in battle.

  3. I've got to say that these a rather splendid.

  4. Very nice - the stripes on the halberd shafts are a nice touch.

  5. hi
    die sehen prächtig aus die ritter

  6. Lovely work, Paul, as ever. Any tips on painting steel armour?

    1. Thanks
      Armour in this scale is easy. The bods are all base painted in black. Then paint the metal with acrylic anthracite. The best is made by Marabu (Metallic anthracite 772) but Javana make a simiar anthracite, a bit too bright for my liking so I add a tiny bit of black. One coat of that and dry brush with P3 silver (or Revell silver)
      Link to the Marabu anthracite (in german, sorry)
      I´ve tried it with larger bods (28mm)and it works relatively well for them as well. Biggest Advantage, it´s quick and cheap. Mixed with black for taste it works well for gun/rifle Barrels, iron work on wagons etc.