Thursday, 1 June 2017

Burgundian Pikeblock (Mk 2)

As with the Mk 1 Burgundian Pikeblock  I´ve haven´t entirely stuck to the  the Livery colour combination of white on the right and blue on the left but mixed it, blue on right and White on left as it looked less uniformed and, as with the first block,  I got bored painting them all the  same :-D

This lot,  48 bods in total,  are a mix of 4 manufacturers and 9 sets.
Ultima Ratio´s Swiss Infantry (Uri) and Swiss Infantry (Bern)
RedBox´s  Burgundian Infantry and Knights (Set 1)) and  Burgundian Infantry and Knights (Set 2) 
Minart´s  Swiss Infantry. Strangely, although the sprues are only a few years old the plastic has gone brittle, only half a dozen survived the process of being removed from the sprues and having wire pikes added.
RedBox´s      Hussite InfantryTown & County Levy, Men-at-Arms and Retinue and Continental Mercenaries
Flags are from Dansk Figursspilforening

Any bods carrying a pike (or I wanted a pike instead of a halberd) had it replaced with one made from Florist wire. A few head swops, the bugler from the RedBox Men-at-Arms and Retinue set had his arm repositioned and  all but one of the Bannerols (the Little pennons attached to thier helmets) were removed from the RedBox  Burgundian Infantry and Knights (Set 1)) and  Burgundian Infantry and Knights (Set 2) 
Both Burgundian pikeblocks together, Mk1 being entirely made up from Minart´s Swiss infantry set
A swiss Pikeblock is in the making and a Mk2 Swiss pikeblock in the planning stage.


  1. Most impressive and beautiful unit!

  2. Superb overall effect and the pikemen are very impressive.

  3. That's a crackin' looking unit, Paul!

  4. Super groupement de piquiers! superbe peinture.

  5. Great stuff Paul, I love the fact you have mixed loads of different Boxes to get that look.

  6. herrlich die aufstellung
    und das blau weiss passt optimal
    das weiss zu gefallen

  7. Nice and impressive block !

  8. I agree with the comments above... highly impressive!

  9. Stunning pikeblock! I`m really impressed by all your works. 20 mm due to quality of miniatures [usually] is not easy to paint.
    I am super happy that I found your blog - tons of good content. All the best! :)