Saturday 11 November 2017

Mounted Amazons

I´m still playing "catch up" with the Alliance range of Fantasy bods.
34 sets and I´ve painted about 28-29 of them.
As with the Modern Mounted Amazons I´ve swopped the nags provided for ones from the HäT Numidian cavalry and the Zvezda Carthaginian Numidian Cavalry  so they fit alongside the Cimmerian Cavalry and the Modern Mounted Amazons (no saddles and reins etc)
10 mounted and two foot bodettes. A bit of Flash to deal with but not too much.
The ranged weapons section
Foot command
One or two of them are a bit free with thier choice of clothing. 


  1. Great looking amazons, well done!

  2. Very good. I only ordered the amazon set 1 and cimmerians last week. Can't wait to see them

  3. They do look good on horses. In my opinion the mounts that were created for theses amazons do not fit really good. The mounts are not in the rigth scasle I think, but that's just my opinion. Your idea with the horses is a better version.

    1. Thanks all :-)
      The nags provided are too big, the poor bodettes don´t have a Chance of sitting on them and they are covered in Flash (my set anyway)

  4. don't know why, but I love them...