Sunday 5 November 2017

War Trolls - (Set 3)

Made By Dark Alliance
4 Trolls in the set, hardish plastic, virtually no Flash.
They look more like Cave trolls than the the Previous sets of War Trolls (Olog-hai) but seeing as they appear to be  cave trolls and  are able, like the Olog-hai, to withstand sunlight*, I´ve painted them up so they match thier armoured Cousins.
"They have a cave Troll!"
He´s missing a collar and chain but basically he´s the spitting Image of the poor troll who gets visciously set upon and killed in the film "The Fellowship of the Ring"
Tristan and Tommy
These have a  slightly  chunkier bodies than thier armoured kin and thier bases are big enough so they stand on thier own.
Family Group no particular order
Timmy, Toby, Terence, Tyson, Trevor, Troy, Triston and Tommy.
* Apparently only Stone trolls turn into Stone when exposed to sunlight, similar to what happened to poor old  Tom, Bert and William who are cruelly tricked by Bilbo into staying up too Long.

A size comparison pic.  I´m not  certain that covering his head with his Hands will be that much of a help.


  1. They look very nice Paul.
    I think the defensive stance is to bend like a reed in the wind and use your enemy's strength against him... probably not going to work in all cases.

  2. These are tremendous Paul, I hadn't really appreciated the scale of the brutes until I saw the photograph - ouch!

  3. Those are BEAUTIFUL! - well, the painting is!!! I doubt beauty is a trait common in Trolls!!!

  4. They look motivated, so motivated...and superb!

  5. Wonderful painting as usual, and nice color scheme. They might be used as gladiators in a fantasy arena :)

  6. They are so good. Love the shading, really highlights the Troll flesh.

  7. Really nice. They look great. Cheers

  8. Outstanding figures! I am not certain I'd ever need that many Ogres for gaming but they do look great!

    1. Thanks John. I don´t know what I´ll do with them all either..TBH, the ist set of armoured trolls was enough..probably more than enough as it goes but ..I couldn´t stop myself getting them all. As for 4 balrogs...what the heck can anyone do with will create enough havoc and be difficult enough to do in. A squad of Gandalfs perhaps?

    2. ...I forgot..a squad of gandalfs and several unfeasably thin and breakable bridges that span endlessly deep chasms with Ponds at the bottom with some sort of lift/stair Systems that Exit onto the top of snow covered mountains.

    3. Sadly, only one Gandalf comes in the Caesar Adventurers box. I guess he is going to work overtime. ;)