Friday 22 December 2017


Horse Boys or Hobelars 
Redbox´s Irish Mounted Troops.

Originally I was going to use other nags, particually for the boss, unpainted they look a bit podgy but after test painting one it turned out looking ok though not quite as elegant looking as an actual Irish Hobby. (The breed is now no evidence of actual colours...a good excuse for my choices) Also decisive in using the nags in the set was  the tack,   which is unique to the set. 

PSR´s main complaint was the amount of Flash on the Nags but my set had very Little.  As with other sets I´ve bought the Flash does vary  sometimes from the PSR accounts so I suppose it depends on which box you pick up.
Apparently the Irish  were one of the few in the medieval period who kept using javelins from horseback
So which mob should this lot represent ? After a bit of looking about (helped by the fact they are mentioned at PSR ) I decided on the Geraldines (Fitzgerald´s) . Chosen over the Butlers mainly due to the fact thier Standard, Argent a Saltire gules,  is easy enough to paint
Basically, if this lot are supposed to be running about in the WotR´s period,..the boss has to be Thomas Fitzgerald, 7th Earl of Kildare. 
For anyone interested I came across THIS site on Medieval Irish Cavalry

A slightly sad note. The two kittens (Bobby and Foxy) will be going tomorrow. They are going to a good home but it pulls the heart strings to see them go :-(


  1. Its always sad to see kittens go, I hope the home they go to is as good as you hope.
    The kitties will adapt whatever, they are pragmatic creatures!
    Good looking Irish!

  2. Very nice ...merry christmas Paul

  3. Great minis Paul, they really look the part. I am working on some of these in 28mm at the moment.

    1. Did my email work Paul - I never got anything through from you?

      Happy New Year

    2. Happy new year Oli. It didn´t. If you want, you can give me your mail address here (as it´s on Moderation only I see it) and I´ll write to you.

    3. I´ll add. I did have my E-Mail address up on the blog but the amount of spam was enormous so I got rid of it. If you meant you sent an E-Mail on the Google plus thingy..I only ever press the G+ button, I don´t really understand how the rest of it works :-/ :-)