Sunday, 28 January 2018

Medieval Scottish Heavy Cavalry (RedBox)

A quick break from painting the 1329 Project bods
12 bods in 6 poses, 12 nags in two poses.
Only a little  bit of Flash to deal with and that mainly on the nags, which is in contrast to the set PSR have reviewed, so as with the Hobelars I painted from RedBox, it depends on which set you get.

PSR reckons that the bods armour and kit is ok for the period, the usual complaint (one which I entirely agree with) about the set having only two nag poses and that the nags are very well armoured, too much armour in fact for all the riders to have such a heavily armoured mount but this  has already been covered on previous Reviews on  RedBox WotR heavy cavalry sets.
I´ll have to think about using some of the spare riders and mix then with some nags from other sets..the Zvezda French Knights for example...but when I have the time.
 The titel of the set is a bit odd. Why have the first two sets labelled as Men -At- Arms and this set is "heavy cavalry". Surely they are, like the previous two "heavy cavalry" sets,  also mounted Men -at- Arms?

As with the previous RedBox  European Mounted Men-at-Arms and the Mounted Men-at-Arms sets, these will end up as part of Richard III´s Body guards...hence all the armour on the nags, which, TBH, I like the look of.
A bit of an odd pose..waving a two handed sword about whilst mounted?


  1. Impressive and beautiful heavy cavalry!

  2. Nice job as ever. I do feel red box are a little hit and miss with flash but I have never had it too bad.

  3. Another stunning post and minis on your blog!I follow all of your new works. Inspiring stuff :)

  4. Hi Paul, wonderful painting! I Love your style (you know it), and I particularly appreciate the colored lances - I know how difficult to paint it is!!! You're the Master of the Medieval minis :)

  5. Splendid painting Paul.Never enough horse poses in these boxed sets.The last pose seems somewhat frantic as if he is surrounded by enemy intent on dragging him off. BB

  6. I think these merit a triple "Wow" from me, Paul. Amazing work.
    Any tips on doing stripy lances? I'm contemplating Austrian flags at the moment but I'm suffering the fear on account of their stripy flag poles.
    Best regards

    1. Triple Thanks. The stripey Lances are a pain.
      I´ve tried a couple of methods..Holding the paint brush (or even a marker pen) in one Position against the Lance and slowly twisting and pulling the Lance..end result doesn´t look right.
      Using thread and wrapping it around the Lance...also Ends up looking odd. Mind you..flag poles being straight you may get away with using a thin Strip of masking tape. I´ll have to give that idea a bash myself at some Point.
      I´ve found through Trial and error (apart from the two other ideas above and a lot of misspainted lances)that the spiral slope at..Roughly 30 degrees (?)
      Best to start with a black base, then on one side of the pole/Lance paint the stripes as far as you can without twisting to see where they are going to end they sort of dissapear over the horizon. If you try to follow them to see if they join up, it Ends in confusion and disaster..well it does for me. When you´ve got one side all striped up then turn slightly so they dissappear just over the horizon and add the next lot of stripes..with the Lances it takes 3 turns. Don´t worry about thickness / thiness of the stripes at this stage..the main Thing is that they join up to make the spiral effect. Any mistakes (seeing as there´s a black base) can be painted over and lines of the spiral that are too thick reduced.
      Basically..take your time and have fun :-)

  7. Nice knights Paul, I guess those designs on the lances are a nightmare to paint, but result is really impressive

  8. Those are some really nice miniatures! I agree that the lances really draw the eye! 😀

  9. Excellent painted Knights Paul!