Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Pig Flu

As Mr Jenkins stepped out of his car, he froze in horror!! "Respirator or not" he thought to himself, "will my suit stop a savage snouting!!??"
Hello DiG...on his Blog.Pirates of the South Jersey Seas you can see...well...he´s only just started. Welcome to the Blog world
Hello Man Cave. ."In the dim darkness of the man cave there is only Gaming (and beer...and Silly hats)" Not my words, but there is a lot of gaming.....and beer and silly hats on his Blog the Man cave:-D
Hello to Francesco. Francesco is one of the best sculptors of Napoleaonic figs I have seen...I advise a look on his website Franznap


  1. Not from a determined and trained pig, they know snout-fu.

  2. But he could have plenty of bacon sandwiches though!! (rubbing his tum)

  3. Very cool figs Paul. Dang! now I got a taste for a southern style whole hog roast.

  4. I've just been to see a business contact who (amoun other things) keeps some pigs - happily they were safely shut in a field! Your man's W124 Mercedes (Matchbox?) is even scruffier than the (real) one I had!

  5. Thanks....squeekk!! :-D
    @Tim....the guy driving this (matchbox) merc is, judging by the colour of the windscreens a pretty heavy smoker!!
    I´m off to eat a bacon butty!!

  6. Foolish fellow... it's his own fault for wearing the new 'Bacon cologne'.
    I feel like I'm standing on the balcony looking down calling "don't worry, she just wants to say hello!"

  7. I think I hear a crackling of applause?

  8. In India, if you get a usedcar at unbelievely lowprice, it neednt be that his carfaxrport was forged, but his car mite have hit a pig.
    Car which bangs pigs are considered badluck and totally inauspicious and it is be sold immediatley