Wednesday, 20 April 2011


What else begins with Q and is a model??? :-D
Hello to abdul666. He runs a blog called MCristo by LaceW which is concerned with the Imagination state of Monte-Christo...and he also contributes to Emporor vs Elector, a collective blog of Lace war Imaginations. These are all great soon as I find a set to represent some of the characters from the TV series,  Flashing blade   I´ll set myself one up. :-D


  1. Quasimodo?....I believe Disney do a model/toy from the movie The Hunnchback of Notre Dame....does that count?

  2. Damm!!! And I´ve got one as well!!!!! (sound of someone kicking himself!!)

  3. Queen Elizabeth class battleship? Or the Chinese Nanchang Q-5 aircraft? Or my Qatari tank battalion?
    I bet you're sorry you asked now!
    Nice chariot by the way...

  4. Beautiful work, Paul. What's not to love with four-horse chariots. Regards, Dean

  5. Thanks for the kind words about 'tricorne' Imagi-Nations!

    Perhaps using an 'alternate' time line (e.g. a France with a weaker central power, the Fronde having partly triumphed), the mid-18th C. is also very propitious to picaresque swashbuckling adventures 'normally' associated with the first half of the 17th C....
    And what about throwing a zombie invasion in a Fragonard / Watteau society?

  6. Brave man to string 4 horses! Nice!

    I went with Quar of course, that was obvious for me from the beginning, but other possibilities... quiver? quarterstaff, quarterdeck... there's also the company Q-workshop: some very elaborate dice- a bit too busy to my eye, but some nice dice bags.

  7. Not bad for Q - there won't be many posts in the 1,300 with that as a theme!

  8. Sorry, the relevant TMP thread for an irruption of zombies was this one, while this other one is more general.
    A few examples of not-fantasy 18th C. adventures (for the background of this one, re. 'Brotherhood of the Wolf'), and FIW & AWI 'zombies' ones.

    P.S.: just for the fun searched for a top model whose name begins with Q... and found none.

  9. Queen Nefertiti or any other queen, depending which type model we are looking for.

  10. Or title some early artillery as "Quest for Fire (power)". Great work once again Paul

  11. Been trying to think of something witty to say beginning with the letter "Q" but have failed miserably.

    So I'll just stick to well done Paul!

  12. Is this you full time job Paul!
    You are ''producing'' almost every day!!!
    Great work!!

  13. Damn !! Great work once again !! Very nice painting !!!

  14. Thanks :-D
    @abdul666, thanks for the links. There´s a coulpe of blogs who got a new follower today :-D
    At TMP I followed a link to the Blue moon minis...they are just the thing. The cardinals troops etc. great!