Tuesday 19 October 2010

Airfix merry men and Marion

A pretty usefull set all in all. Although the bods are a bit on the wee side (they didn´t have proper breakfasts and lets face it, woodland life aint all that it´s cracked up to be) they are still a good set for Medieval levy types.

They lend themselves to conversion quite well too (wether they like it or not!!)The happy looker (and maybe even the odd unhappy one) may notice a couple of survivors from the
"Snot River NO TAXES !!" battle.  
These bods are from left to right; Gunner, Halbardier, Gunner
These, also from left to right, Another gunner, Man at arms, Halbardier

That naughty Serrif of Notty wood and his hencemen better watch out the next time they are out walking the deer in the woods............Deer!? Did I say Deer? Obviously I meant Camels...silly me!

Medieval casualties

I did these just for fun....as is all my painting actually :-)
Even though badly wounded himself, sir Cobbleweed uses his shield to protect Geoffrey, his faithfull nag.
Stuck in the mud like a sticky thing that´s stuck in sticky mud.


The evil sherrif of knotty wood has come around demanding more groats from the poor peasants.

The local yokels have had it up to here though and send the ugliest bod in the village to hold off the evil sherrif while they gather their men (and women) together
Maybe it has worked..it looks like a stand off ! A bridge too far for the sherrif ?? We shall see!!Well we won´t actually as there are no more photos and this is meant for family viewing. What I can say is that the snot coloured "stream" got a bit redder as the day went on.

Airfix Waterloo RHA and WWI RHA

An old set but Airfix should re-release it...they don´t paint up to bad.
For a full review and more of my pictures of the waterloo RHA look here

                              Thier colleagues 100 years later (or thereabouts)