Friday 22 October 2010

Revell Albatross D.III

The markings are apparently showing the plane flown by Ltn . Werner Voss, Jasta 2 Boelcke, June 1917.
I mean, couldn´t they have been a bit more specific...the actual date, the 15th say, what did he have for breakfast and what his inner leg measurment was?? (:-))

The wood work was a pain in the ****.
It finally came out right more by accident than design.

The colour scheme is not 100 % as it should be, but if they aren´t prepared to give out specific  information such as Mr Voss´s hat size then I´m not prepared to stick to an exact colouring plan !! 
The pilot is as usual from the DDS WWI pilots,  seen here shooting pigeons with his trusty mauser "whilhelmina".

"Run Rabbit, Run"

It´s the it´s sometime in the not to distant future in a place, the name of which I can´t even begin to pronounce. The poor bod running,  has just made his last mistake....!!