Tuesday 21 August 2012

Napoleonic Austrian Pioneers (FINISHED!!)

Finally..they are all finished. HUZZAH! HUZZAH!!
The last 30 were painted in the last couple of days..and then...........the one´s that had previously been painted were, one by one,  re-inspected.
Missing bits and pieces were filled in.
Epaulettes,  buttons  and chinstraps added.
Faces and hands re-painted.
I´d painted all their drink bottles as wood, with a white belt..but then it turns out some are wood with a brownleather belt or Aluminium coloured with a white belt.
The drummers got a white edging added to thier collars, birdsnests and the drums repainted.
The officers had their Cummerbunds changed from gold to yellow.
My photos aren´t that good.. The camera has developed a "ghost" in the lens but they will soon get a new home on the Croeburn 1813 diorama and better photos will be taken.

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