Monday, 11 April 2011


Only a couple of days to go and It´s Intermodelbau.!!!!!!!!!..
Oh dear!!.I feel another another bod and kit buying frenzy!!! :-D

Indian Elephant (Hat)

It´s monday and the A - Z challenge goes onwards. This one is from the hat ele set, but I wanted one to look like the one from battle of Hydaspes in the Film Alexander, so out came the Greenstuff and cardboard :-D
Hello to Plastic hussar (I´m sure that´s not his real name :-D ) from The Plastic Pelisse,  a great resource for comparisons and news about 1/72nd bods.
Hello to durutti91 from TMP..check you google friends link mate.
Hello to  Steven Kelly.  Steven is doing some grand work building a Knights Templer Army and has a load of other things on his blog, Little legions