Thursday 26 November 2015

Medieval Camp followers (Pt2)

To add to the previous wagon a couple of stands of camp followers on foot are planned
The  woman and child are from the Linear-B Roman Transport set and have had cloaks added.
The  Bod in the middle from the Linear -B Roman Market set and has had a head swop
The female on the right from the Imex American Pioneers and has a cloak added

Bods from various Linear-B and strelets sets. The one hugging his pot is converted from a sitting bod from the Strelets Crusader Transport 2 set.

Monday 23 November 2015

Second battalion of the 2nd Nassau Usingen - Grenadiers

"Old School" style.
Using bods I converted 35 plus years ago,  bodies from the Waterloo British Infantry and the heads from the Waterloo British Cavalry (Hussars) 
The officer is a combination from, legs = British inf, head = the hussars  and Body from the mounted officer in the Waterloo Highland Infantry set
The uniform accuracy won´t  please the rivet Counters, no swords etc but this is "old School" fun as it was when I first figures to cover the unit wanted so you had to make do. Also,  back then, without the luxury of the web to check up on colours, equipment etc, all one had, if you were lucky enough to have a decent library nearby, was books and they were often not that accurate either.

The uniform colours etc, I took from Alexis excellent site "Les Uniformes pendant la Campagne des Cent jours-Belgique 1815"
The Flag is from Warflag
I wasn´t too sure about a Grenadier Company having a flag but after much (and sometimes confusing) Research I gave up.  I liked   the idea of using a flag and  it is "old School", the  Grenadiers got one.

The whole allied army so far
Note; I still haven´t got around to sorting the flags out...they are still the wrong way around!!

Thursday 19 November 2015

Saturday 14 November 2015

Baggage Control (medieval style)

They didn´t have Scanners etc in those days so they relied on physical methods, like in this case poking about with the tip of a halbard.

The set (15 pieces in metal) is called "Vor dem Stadttor" (In front of the town gate) and is available from Fredericus Rex

Close ups
 Mr wood cutter, wife and son
Dobin and cart

The axle Pins  are bit thin, the hole in the wheels an bit large. I´m no fan of glueing unless there´s no other solution so I came up with this.
Short bit of wire insulation on the axle, the holes in the wheels filed a tiny bit larger and Bingo.

Tuesday 10 November 2015

Medieval bedtime/Sleeping Knights

These (the first Batch)  will end up as part of the  Teutonic order 1329 dio
After a bit of research on the sort of Sheets, blankets etc that would be on medieval beds I found contemporay pics showing beds with either very expensive richly coloured or cheap plain bedcovering. but  a lot, rich or poor had either off White or pure white Sheets and pillows.
Seeing as These are "middle class beds, I went for the off White Sheets and pillows and to add a bit of colour variety made the covers (or Cloaks ) a different colour.
There´s also some empty beds…
and together as a dormitory

Sunday 8 November 2015

Gaol and another Farmhouse

The Gaol will be part of the main town, the Farmhouse part of the (nearly completed) Village.

I decided to have to ground floor where the prisoners are held as a stonework construction , the cells being accessed  from the upper floor.
The final Building for the Village is being constructed and then  the basing can commence

A Sad note.
In August this year,  Hobby Enthusiast and, I must say, A really nice Guy, Sven Schmelzer died leaving behind a wife and daughter.
To help Support His family, his Collection of dioramas and Models are being sold and can be seen on the following links;

Sunday 1 November 2015

The Bull - Ambridge doesn´t exist....Not the one run by Kenton and Jolene Archer*  but The Old Bull, in Inkberrow,  Worcestershire,  (on which the fictional Bull is based ) does.
No White framed Windows,  the rear and right Hand side walls are made up ( you´d think there would be some side and rear view pictures but I couldn´t find any) and removed the hatch to the beer cellar (in some pics it´s there..others it´s not. )

So..strap some bells around your ankles,  gather around the maypole, hankies Held in the air... ---2..3..4...
"Dumm - de -dumm-de dumm de dumm, dumm -de dum, de da da"

* For those who don´t know, Kenton and Jolene Archer, are characters in a Radio series called the Archers which  is set in the fictional village of Ambridge in the fictional county of Borsetshire (the Dumm - de -dumm...etc) 

There´s detailed maps etc of  how the fictional world of the Archers is laid out, biographies, Family historys, the whole lot..even down to including a fictional ECW Battle, the Skirmish at Ambridge September 1642