Tuesday 10 January 2017

Airfix ACW Wargaming (Pt 5) - Artillery

Slowly it´s coming together. The Artillery finished....well, sort of.  I´ve got a couple more guns and Crews  so if I get some more limbers I´ll add some more to both batteries...3 per side Sounds like a good number.
The Gun Teams.
Bases for the Guns, 5cm´s per side. The individual bods, 12.5mm x 10mm
The nag for the commander for the Union Team is from the Airfix Foreign Legion set (1st issue) 
The Limbers.
One of the CSA Limbers has had a bod from the Airfix Wagon Train set  added.
EDIT....I´ve got an idea to "recruit" some other gunners from the Airfix range so I might as well add at least one more gun per side, irrespective of wether I can obtain more limbers.