Sunday 19 April 2020

Tumbling Dice - Saxon General Fyrd (AS4)

8 bods in 8 poses with 8 detached shields.
Mostly spearmen, as it should be. One is swinging two axes so either the shield can be attached to his back, or, as I have done, left off entirely.

No flash. Some of them had extra bits of tin from the base to the butt of a spear but that´s the sprue to enable the spear to be fully cast. Easy to remove, snip, snip and it´s gone, although, I recommend using a stanley knife (other brands are available) to cut it free from the spear as using snippers/pliers tends to leave the butt squashed.

Cast in Tin (pewter) as Paul from TD says on his site
In all the ranges figurines or models are designed to be used as games pieces, this dictates the model must have a certain amount of robustness along with the need for historical accuracy. I cast small items in Tin (Pewter) for strength......

This post is the first of quite a few, I´ve got another 25 sets to get finished😊