Tuesday 22 October 2013

Conestoga wagon Mk2 (Imex)

You get two in the set but I didn´t want to just paint them both up the same...or even look the same so the cover was discarded, hoops for the canvas, brake, Jockeybox (Toolbox) and necksling added.
Here´s the wagon with the Johanssens as they take a dinner break on thier Long journey from Bodstown to the Great lake.
A bit of a Story and a "who´s who" HERE
Removing the Posts from the inside of the wagon was difficult and I broke two stanley knife blades before I came up with the idea of heating the blade over a candle. The Jockeybox is made from a lump of balsawood, the hoops from plastic Card as is the brake handle.
The female Johanssens
The male Johanssens.

The bods are from the Imex American Pioneers set.