Thursday 7 July 2011

The Big Bang (IIII)

Created by Messers Bodkin and Bodger...this is the testing of the "IS IT? ISN`T IT?" bomb
The "IIII" bomb is a very clever piece of medieval engineering, in that it looks EXACTLY like a bomb. This is enhanced by the writing on the "IIII" of the lettering, BOMB. This cunning device is designed to be rolled up to enemy castle walls, the resulting explosion thus creating a breach, through which our fanatical bloodshot eyed knights can charge.
You might be saying to yourself at this moment, "hold on!, if I saw that thing I would bung a bucket of water over it and put the fuse out!!". In this you would be correct and that´s were the clever bit comes in.
By writing "BOMB" on it, the defenders upon seeing it would think,

the next defender would say, "can´t be, otherwise they wouldn´t write BOMB on it. They just want us to think it´s a BOMB"
To which the next defender would say, "but they might want us to think that, that´s why they´ve written BOMB on it, so it is a BOMB"
"Aha!" another defender says, "maybe it isn´t a BOMB because....."
Anyway you get the idea, and by the time the defenders have decided wether it´s a BOMB or not, the fuse has burnt down....and BANG!

So now to the test field. Here we can see T.Omkins about to light the fuse of the "IIII".
Due to concerns from the YOH&S (ye Olde Health and Safety)  he is  protected by a solid cast iron plate, 8 inches thick and weighing 7 tonnes. He is about to light the fuse.
Anyone got a crowbar??? Or a can opener???
Hello to Thomas from Wargamingowy blog Thomasa. Thomas has 4 blogs all about wargaming and Models. The ceaser Militia on the link I have posted...bloody excellent!!