Sunday 8 March 2020

Anglo Saxons before Battle - Strelets

14 bods, quite a mix of armour, and weapons. Tiny bits of Flash to deal with, except, one of the spearman´s spear was a bit too covered in Flash,  so rather than spend ages removing it, I replaced it.

This lot are available as either set M050 (4 sprues)  or with the Hastings 1066; Anglo Saxon Army big box set (3 sprues) or in the Stamford Bridge set (two sprues)
There´s a bit of  possibility for conversions but not a lot so the Stamford Bridge set offers the best value.
"Come on, let´s be avin ya!!"
Fyrd types. 
I didn´t add a bowstring as the bod would probably string his bow just before the Action started. 
Axes and a mace. 

The mace threw me a bit, did the Saxons use maces? 
They are shown in the Bayeux tapestry, (pic 49B) William I with his mace over his shoulder and another mace flying through the air during the battle (top left Corner 51F)*
Ok, the Tapestry is older than the period the bods above are intended for, especially if they are part of the two big box sets but it´s an obvious weapon. 

Also, the Stone attached to a stick as a throwing weapon. On the strength of a comment  that what is shown is a "flying mace" I tried this out. Not going to the effort of making a hole in a Stone  but adding a stick makes the same Stone fly a lot further than without… get an added leverage Advantage (?)

*interestingly, one of the soldiers is Holding his axe the wrong way around. Mistake on the part of the Person who embroidered that bit or was he shown to be About to throw it?