Thursday 9 June 2011

Roman Legion on the march (Strelets)

What the roman grunt spent a lot of his time doing :-D
Not a bad includes The heavy infantry and auxillaries. PSR review Here
Column made up from two sets from strelets, Hat standard bearer and Zvezda musician and Imaginifier
Legionaries. I know...the tunics are  red..highly unlikely but it looks good
Legionaries from behind. Note the bod at the rear right corner...those bendy strelets spears!!!!! They should really get to grips on this point...having the spears cast along the shaft onto the sprue makes one hell of a job to cut them free.
Auxillaries from behind . Cavalry coming soon :-D
Hello to Waz...thanks for following
Hello to Andy from Creepy Corridoor blog. great 40K wargaming and his last post questioning wether wargaming is going digital is well worth a read.
PS..Andy..your google friends connect isn´t on :-D