Tuesday 25 January 2011

Curved Air (Stampe SV4C from heller)

I got it into my head to make the plane on this this album  At first I thought it was a Gypsy Moth on the cover,  but after asking about on a couple of forums,  I was told it was a Stampe SV4C. Then I asked where I could get one and one really nice guy said he had one but it was a bit broken and I could have it for free if I wanted. I would like to say yet again what a generous act that was and I am endebted to him for helping me to realise my project.
 And this is what she looked like when I received her :-D Fuselage snapped, both wings broken in two, a lovely restoration!!!
Welcome Steve from  Paintsplats. A great painter and sculptor of some very original subjects