Sunday 14 July 2013

Medieval army on Parade

Two years ago on the 14th of July I posted my medieval collection  as part of BIG ARMY DAY held at the Gloranthan Blog. Since then (this lot) the collection has grown slightly.
So, in celebration of  Bastille day I´m having a Parade :-D

Not all my medieval bods,  The El Cid Spanish/ Moors,  the Scottish/English Bannockburn armies are either not based or finished yet, a lot of other Odds n´sods haven´t been based and the civilians weren´t added to the "Parade" pics due to lack of space.
I also didn´t include  the Dioramas,  tents, houses,  Castles etc.
How many are there? I´ve no idea having never counted them :-D

Getting Close ups of the collected forces with the camera I own proved near impossible (and even now some of the pics aren´t that brilliant)  so I took pics of "themed" Batches and added the civilians as well.

Field Artillery / Siege Park
Hussites / Revolting Peasants / Guildsmen

The "Brotherhood"
Baggage Train

Blue Group (Loosely based on  a 100yrw French army)
Red Group (Also loosely based on an English 100yrw army)



If anyone is into having a Big army day next year then add your "Yay" to the comments and next year I´ll give you a reminder about it next year at the end of June.