Thursday 20 September 2012

Brian the Blessed

A couple more Zvezda Medieval Peasant army conversions.
The foot figs, Brian the Blessed and "Happy" Tim
Brian has got a  crossbow from the Italeri French Knights and foot soldiers set, his bolt quiver came from the Zvezda French Knights set (it is meant for the side of one of the horses)
"Happy" Tim has pinched a Voulge-guisarme from the Zvezda English Infantry of the 100yrw set.
Ok...maybe it wasn´t done that often, if at all, firing a bow from the saddle but Rhobyn de Hud is a strong guy..and a very skilled horseman :-D
The face painting technique seems to be working with "run of the mill" bods.
SHOUTING!!!!! I´ll have to re-create this face on a knight bod.
Hello to Maxamillian Walker from Scyld and seax blog. Dark age and Medievals are the mainstay, as he says "English lord exiled in France, I'm raising men to return home and take back my stolen lands! And inbetween all this, I like painting little soldiers."
I´ll bring my armies from the North  and we can divide the island between us :-D